Laid low with a cold….

A very BIG thank you to Dorothy who put us up in a deluxe cabin for free at the Nhill Caravan Park. I came down with a cold yesterday and this morning wasn’t up to riding so Dorothy gave us another night for free…she’s an angel!

Nhill Caravan Park.

Crossing the Sa/Vic border yesterday.

The Vic sign was a welcome sight.

This is Johns bike, a bloke I met in SA. Don’t know how he can ride this thing…it weighs almost 60 kg and when it leans slightly past the vertical it wants to fall over. I’m very glad I have a support driver so everything I need is in the vehicle and just a minute or so away when required.
Speaking of what I need, up north it was so hot that whenever I would stop it was into the car with the aircon going flat out so I could cool down. Down south it’s the same thing, but not to cool down but to warm up! Yesterday it was so cold I had to wear my snowboarding gloves….didn’t get much above 5 degrees all day….brrrrr! With this annoying virus-cold thing I’ve got, my nose was running like a fire hydrant, but on a bike wearing snowboarding gloves its impossible to use a hanky….needless to say, snot was flying everywhere!
You should have seen the looks on peoples faces when I went into a cafe to grab something warm to eat. Completely forgot that my face was looking like a monumental shipwreck on boogie reef! How embarrassing.
Oh, well, life’s like that at times (especially mine).
Will spend today resting and try again tomoz.

May the Big One upstairs be ever smiling on you.
Cya 🙂

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