Riding shorter distances now….

At the moment we are in the Pyrenees, but not France, rather St Arnaud in Vic.
I only managed 75 km yesterday and 110 today owing to my viral infection/cold.
A huge thank you to Kirston at the Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort at Horsham for a free night in a deluxe cabin…very comfy and warm and also thanks to Neil and Chris at the Country Road Motel in St Arnaud for a free motel room…very generous. So far we have had every night free accomodation in Vic….there is something very special about Victorians eg last night I collected 270 for the foundation in a couple of pubs in Horsham!
Wimmera Lakes Caravan Resort at Horsham

Pink Lake just near Dimboola. The pink colour is caused by a bacteria in the water.

A snail near pink lake.

I was riding through Dimboola and this journo, Kerri, chases after me and does a story for a couple of local papers. Check out the sign…Darwin is 3000 km away but on my bike it was almost 6000. Seems like only yesterday I was there, getting up at two in the morning to take a cold shower because it’s so hot! Down here it’s exactly the opposite…when I finish my ride I’m so cold I stand in the shower for ten minutes just to warm up!

Bendigo tomoz to catch up with my lovely sister then Melb later next week.
Cya 🙂

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