Arrived in Bendigo yesterday…..

It was a very picturesque ride yesterday from St Arnaud to Bendigo. Beautiful rolling hills, wheat crops that are green as, and with the landscape dotted with sheep and lamas, yes Lamas, it was an enjoyable ride despite my viral infection. I got to Newbridge on the outskirts of Bendigo and Barbie went to grab me a lamb roll for first lunch…I usually eat two lunches…..anyway, I went into this pub to ask the publican if I can collect from his patrons. Interestingly, in St Arnaud the only pub there seemed like a great place to collect, but the publican refused to allow me to do so. Even more interestingly, this was only the third pub in Australia to refuse, and I have been collecting in literally hundreds of pubs all over the country. The other two were in Palmerston, Darwin and near Pt Macquarie, NSW.
Anyway, the publican at Newbridge says yes and throws money in our bucket as well, (most publicans don’t donate) shouts us both a roast lunch for din dins and shouts us drinks as well!
What a contrast between the two publicans. It’s one of the more remarkable aspects of my ride, that people can be so different and getting to experience this for ourselves. Being a motivational speaker this has been invaluable to me. Curiously, we all have the freedom to refuse or if you like to choose and this is one of our greatest God-given gifts don’t you think, the freedom of choice? But what is is that makes some people want to help and others not to do so? From the complete stranger Paul Warburton in Esperance who donated $1000 to the poor person on the street who could only manage 20 cents, it is a great act of kindness and in my opinion, is the greatest measure of human character; that one is prepared to help another human being who can in no way return the act of kindness.
And so a huge thank you to everyone from all around the country who has helped us via a donation 🙂 We are getting close to $23000 raised for the foundation.

Another big thank you goes to Lyn and Des at the Avondel caravan park in Bendigo for a free night in a cosy cabin.


Down here in Vic there are wattles everywhere…stunning.

Was watching TV last night…haven’t missed it really, especially the ads, but the Commonwealth Games were on so I persevered. Nicole Livingstone was calling the swimming saying Cate Campbell was on fire,
‘Just as well Cate’s in the pool,’ I say.
I switch over to SBS and catch up on the Tour de France. Can’t believe how fast the riders are going in the 54 km time trial….over 50 km/hr! Very impressive indeed. None of the commentators mention any of the riders being on fire, instead saying things along the lines of, ‘He’s going like a train!’
No matter how hard I try, I can’t see the resemblance.
But one thing I can relate to is the effort required to push a bike over 200 hundred kilometres day after day. But unlike me, the speed at which those elite riders do it in the tour is mind blowing.

Having a rest day today before riding to Melb tomoz.
Cya 🙂
PS: The publican, Terry who shouted us lunch at Newbridge, is also raising money via an auction, to build a park in memory of a young boy who was tragically murdered a couple of years ago. Barbie and I were greatly moved by this….Terry is one of the more outstanding individuals we have met on our journey.

PPS: To those of you who say your prayers can you please say a few for our son…he has both tonsillitis and bronchitis…thanks so much….

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