Bay of Fires is stunning

I am sitting in a cabin at the Big 4 Caravan Park in St Helens on the east coast of Tassie. Thanks for the free accomodation Stephanie!  Collected for the foundation in the local RSL and everyone was extremely generous…thnx people. Raised over $300. On the ride today I rode over the Esk river. Obviously, someone can’t spell because they missed the Y on the end.

Went to the Bay of Fires through a town called Binnalong. I wonder how many times people have said; Binnalong time since I’ve been here. I resisted the urge and spared the locals from a typical dad joke that they would have heard a bazillion times, no doubt.

The Bay of fires is stunning…check out the pic below….





There are plenty of blossoms on the side of the highway.



There are also plenty of stone buildings…so different from what I’m used to seeing on the mainland.


The Big4 Discovery Park in St Helens.

I could only manage 51 kms today owing to my cold. Planning a rest day tomoz….

Excited about riding into Hobart. That will be almost 14,000 kilometres on my push bike. From Hobart I will ride to the southern most point of Tassie, Southport.

v v tired now…zzzzz…cya  🙂

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