What an incredible ride into Hobart

Wow..134 kilometres today was incredible. Left Conara at 8.45 and headed south on the Midlands Hwy to Hobart. Got run of the hwy many times and on one occasion was doing 45 kilomtetres per-hour and in the loose gravel almost came off. Wow, it was a close call. There were plenty of great downhills, but the downside were all the up hills.

it was a stunning ride through the midlands of Tassie with mountain ranges either side of the highway and high ones at that.

Approaching Hobart I saw a sign to Zoo Doo. A huge sign on the side of the hwy and it really caught my eye. Straight away I was wondering if there were any toilets at the zoo. After all, if one wanted to doo doo at the Zoo Doo there would have to be facilities, right?

Tomorrow it’s up Mt Wellington, 1,000 m and then a 21 km downhill…can’t wait.


Sunset last night at St Helens.


Along the hwy there are these amazing sculptures from shrubs and trees. This was in Oatlands.



A windmill mill along the way.



Hobart Cabins and Cottages where were we we given a free cabin for the night…thanks so much to the owners.

Cya….zzzzzzz   🙂




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