Tassie was amazing!

I am in a free cabin in Gundagai courtesy of Jane at the South Gundagai River Caravan Park. When I told Jane what I was doing she didn’t even think twice about looking after us….legendary.

Tomoz I will ride through Canberra and north along the federal hwy to Goulburn. That will make 14,000 kilometres. Then I will ride from port Augusta up to Tenant Creek in the Northern Territory a distance of a bit over 3,000 kilometres. But it will have to be next year…I need to finish writing my book of the ride before I get back on my tredly and ride through central Australia.

Just a few days ago I was on the Tasman peninsula at the white beach caravan park for a free nights camping and last night at the most picturesque caravan park in any capital city in Australia. Our hosts Shannon and Mark put us in a great cabin at the Crystal Brook park in east Doncaster. Thanks Mark and Shannon…ur both awesome!

The ferry back from Tassie was tame compared to going over two weeks ago. But if you’ve never been to Tassie before you just have to go….it is stunning.


The white beach caravan park on the Tasman peninsula.


Our cabin in Melbourne at Crystal Brook.



One of the biggest trees in Tasmania.


World heritage listed Liffey Falls.



The sunset that greeted us as the ferry pulled into Melbourne.



Getting ready for the trip from the ferry up to the Crystal Brook Caravan Park.

time for zzzz…



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