48 kms from the NSW border….ahhhhoooooo!

A huge thank you to the Numurkah Caravan Park for a very cosy and warm caravan….awesome!

I rode 153 km today from Bendigo to Numurkah, which is only 48 kms from the NSW border.
I just collected in three pubs and Numurkah is the most welcoming town I’ve been in since leaving home a bit over 5 months ago. No one fobbed me and everyone made generous donations…one bloke even offered me a beer! I declined saying I’ve got a sick support driver sitting outside waiting for me…yes, Tink (Barbie) caught my viral infection 🙁
Just so u know, I call Barbie Tink because she looks like a fairy..size 6-8, fairy ears and bounces around like Tinkerbell when she walks/runs.

Anyway, I think Tink needs to toughen up a bit….today she didn’t feel like driving. A bit of a drama it was, so I told Tink she can ride my bike instead and I can drive..it was an amazing and very quick response…. ‘I can drive, I can drive!’ she said!

Only 750 kms to go now 🙂

Check out these photos:


Blossoms on the side of the Hwy today.


A close up of above.

The view from near our on-site van.

Red flowering gum on the banks of Broken Creek, Numurkah. Can’t figure out why it’s called broken…looks like its working to me…water is still flowing.


Our on site van at Numurkah.

NSW tomoz….ahoooooooo!
Cya 🙂

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