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We raised almost $2,000 at our annual cricket match


cricket 1

North Nowra Cambewarra and Ex-Servicemens Cricket Clubs met in their annual charity match last Sunday at Bernie Regan Sporting Complex. The limited-over game was won by Ex-Servos who were reeling at 7 for 70 after just 20 overs, but managed to reach 176 with Dallas Laughton and David Sloane both performing well with the bat. Norths players, Marc Butler and Bob Ducie top scored in their sides run chase, with Greg Stephenson being the pick of the bowlers on the day with 3 wickets. Dallas Laughton and Marc Butler were named players of the match for their respective teams, with the latter posting the highest score of 40. “It was great to raise $2,000 for children suffering cancer, especially that we had such generous donations from many businesses in the Shoalhaven and our local politicians including, Shelley Hancock, Ann Sudmalis and Gareth Ward,” Kids With Cancer Foundation ambassador, Mick Davey said.

A big thanks to our sponsors:

Simon Apperley    SET Consultants
Garrick    Bellert and Benett Smash Repairs
A & D Tree Services
Ann Sudmalis MP
Shelley Hancock MP
Gareth Ward MP
Nowra Fresh Fish and Meat Market
Paul    Bob Jane T Mart
Ted and Moira   Dymocks Nowra
Peter and Wayne   Officeworks Nowra
Mike   Outdoors and Beyond
David   Stanley Johns Menswear
A big thank you to those people who helped with ticket sales for our raffle, including Marc Butler, Greg Stephenson, Alan Muggleton, Barbie Davey, Graham Lowbridge, Bob Ducie and Nadia Neri.
Note: The above picture was take two years ago (this years photo failed to load for some strange reason).

Fund-raising cricket match and BBQ

Last weekend I had a cricket charity match at Hayden Dexel Oval in Nowra against Ex Servicmens Cricket Club. My old club, North Nowra Cambewarra, lost the game, but we raised $300 in the process. Two weeks previous to this Barbie and I had a fund-raising BBQ at Officeworks in Nowra and we raised almost $1,500. So far, I am up to almost $35,000 raised for children suffering cancer and clocked up 14,000 kilometres on my pushbike…       🙂



Cooking snags, and egg and bacon rolls for any would-be customers.



My North Nowra Cambewarra Cricket Club team played Ex Servicemens Cricket Club. They scored 189 and we could only manage 137 in reply. For the record I batted at 4 and only scored two runs, but I did take a good catch down near the boundary at fine leg.

Cya   🙂

Tassie was amazing!

I am in a free cabin in Gundagai courtesy of Jane at the South Gundagai River Caravan Park. When I told Jane what I was doing she didn’t even think twice about looking after us….legendary.

Tomoz I will ride through Canberra and north along the federal hwy to Goulburn. That will make 14,000 kilometres. Then I will ride from port Augusta up to Tenant Creek in the Northern Territory a distance of a bit over 3,000 kilometres. But it will have to be next year…I need to finish writing my book of the ride before I get back on my tredly and ride through central Australia.

Just a few days ago I was on the Tasman peninsula at the white beach caravan park for a free nights camping and last night at the most picturesque caravan park in any capital city in Australia. Our hosts Shannon and Mark put us in a great cabin at the Crystal Brook park in east Doncaster. Thanks Mark and Shannon…ur both awesome!

The ferry back from Tassie was tame compared to going over two weeks ago. But if you’ve never been to Tassie before you just have to go….it is stunning.


The white beach caravan park on the Tasman peninsula.


Our cabin in Melbourne at Crystal Brook.



One of the biggest trees in Tasmania.


World heritage listed Liffey Falls.



The sunset that greeted us as the ferry pulled into Melbourne.



Getting ready for the trip from the ferry up to the Crystal Brook Caravan Park.

time for zzzz…



Climbed Mt Wellington today

Mt Wellington is more than 1,000 metres high and the views of Hobart from the top were spectacular. The ride down was almost 20 kilometres and it was awesome. Barbie was tucked in behind me in our car and I had the gopro on my head filming. It really is the most stunning capital- city view anywhere in Australia. I reckon the distance to the horizon must be at least 80 kilometres. There are no trees up top, just plenty of rocks and low shrubs…quite barren really. There was even snow on top.

Over lunch we caught with a great mate who I’ve only seen twice in 30 years – Tom Clarke was the best man at our wedding. It was great to see him again over lunch just near constitution dock in Hobart, which is where the Sydney to Hobart yatch race ends.

Yesterday I rode south from Hobart and there was a two-kilometre uphill that was very steep. Then there was a six-kilometre downhill followed by a steep five-kilometre uphill and a two-kilometre downhill. Talk about a roller coaster ride….wow!

I have finished riding through tassie now, but am still 73 kilomtetres shy of 14,000 kilometres all up for the ride. On the way home I plan to ride from Yass into Canberra and will get the kilometres then. When I finally ride through Canberra I will have ridden through every capital city in the country.


The view of Hobart from Mt Wellington.


Barbie on the trig at Mt Wellington.


A tall ship sailed into constitution dock while we were there.


Our cabin at the Snug Caravan Park courtesy of owner Maureen. Thanks so much!








What an incredible ride into Hobart

Wow..134 kilometres today was incredible. Left Conara at 8.45 and headed south on the Midlands Hwy to Hobart. Got run of the hwy many times and on one occasion was doing 45 kilomtetres per-hour and in the loose gravel almost came off. Wow, it was a close call. There were plenty of great downhills, but the downside were all the up hills.

it was a stunning ride through the midlands of Tassie with mountain ranges either side of the highway and high ones at that.

Approaching Hobart I saw a sign to Zoo Doo. A huge sign on the side of the hwy and it really caught my eye. Straight away I was wondering if there were any toilets at the zoo. After all, if one wanted to doo doo at the Zoo Doo there would have to be facilities, right?

Tomorrow it’s up Mt Wellington, 1,000 m and then a 21 km downhill…can’t wait.


Sunset last night at St Helens.


Along the hwy there are these amazing sculptures from shrubs and trees. This was in Oatlands.



A windmill mill along the way.



Hobart Cabins and Cottages where were we we given a free cabin for the night…thanks so much to the owners.

Cya….zzzzzzz   🙂




Bay of Fires is stunning

I am sitting in a cabin at the Big 4 Caravan Park in St Helens on the east coast of Tassie. Thanks for the free accomodation Stephanie!  Collected for the foundation in the local RSL and everyone was extremely generous…thnx people. Raised over $300. On the ride today I rode over the Esk river. Obviously, someone can’t spell because they missed the Y on the end.

Went to the Bay of Fires through a town called Binnalong. I wonder how many times people have said; Binnalong time since I’ve been here. I resisted the urge and spared the locals from a typical dad joke that they would have heard a bazillion times, no doubt.

The Bay of fires is stunning…check out the pic below….





There are plenty of blossoms on the side of the highway.



There are also plenty of stone buildings…so different from what I’m used to seeing on the mainland.


The Big4 Discovery Park in St Helens.

I could only manage 51 kms today owing to my cold. Planning a rest day tomoz….

Excited about riding into Hobart. That will be almost 14,000 kilometres on my push bike. From Hobart I will ride to the southern most point of Tassie, Southport.

v v tired now…zzzzz…cya  🙂

Tassie is amazing!

Rode from Devonport to Hadspen, near Launceston, 92 kilometres. The first 50 kms were gruelling, riding into a brisk headwind. Making matters worse were the trucks. Got run off the hwy a number of times and was being passed by approx 100 every hour. It was challenging. I was bunny hopping roadkill, trying not to get hit by wayward trucks, riding fast to stay warm in the chilling southerly wind blowing off nearby snow-covered mountains and trying to keep my brain from bouncing outta my head – the highway early on was so rough I couldn’ see out of my rear-view mirror.
My viral infection meant I could only ride around the 100 km mark. A far cry from 300 km on the Nullarbor Plain.
Raised roughly $100 today collecting in two pubs in Launceston…had dinner with a very interesting couple in the second pub…great chatting with some locals over a meal
Saw a sign saying western tires, a famous landmark, but it was in the east of tassie. I wonder if the eastern tiers are in the west somewhere???
Off to St Helens on the north-east coast tomoz….


Gotta love the Tassie sense of humour. Out of picture there is a stone hanging on a slender rope.

Ditto on the Tassie humour.

My first sighting of a Tassie Devil. I didn’t know they were that big. This is in the Discovery Caravan Pak in Hadspen. thanks for the free cabin, Dimity.

The Discovery Caravan Park at Devonport where we had a free cabin…thanks so much to the management.

In Tassie now…

Caught the ferry across Bass Straight today. Man the seas were big. We got hit by a huge wave and the shipped rolled so much I was wondering if it would come up again. I was tad seasick and about the only thing that wanted to come up was my lunch.
Last night was hosted by the Melbourne Big 4 holiday park in Coburg. A free night in a cabin went down extremely well. Driving around Melb with the trams didn’t though. It is a challenge to work out what to do when one goes past, because when they stop passengers walk across the road in front of us to get on board. Lost count of the pedestrians I almost cleaned up.
Tomorrow I start riding to Hobart. That will make 14,000 kms on my pushy and so far we have raised more than $30,000 for kids with cancer.
I have a viral infection and so riding will be a little slow, but really looking forward to riding through the apple Isle.

That caravan park at Coburg

Driving onto the ferry in Melb.

A brain injury legend rides up Mt Keira!

Hey hey everyone…..I am riding to Sydney with a great mate, Luke Stono, a former South Coast Crusty Demons moto stunt rider who suffered an horrific accident resulting in a significant brain injury. It’s been a very long and arduous road to recovery for Luke since his accident. Luke is nowhere near full recovery, but despite this he wants to help others who are on a similar journey. Luke can’t speak and uses sign language to communicate. He struggles to walk and day-to-day tasks are almost impossible without the help of his loving parents, Ronnie and Kimbo. But Luke still wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Inspiring stuff really. Luke heard about my ride around Australia last year and wanted to meet me. We caught up recently and got along so well we have been great mates ever since. Luke wanted to ride from Nowra to Liverpool hospital where he was once a patient in the Brain Injury Unit. Luke asked me to ride with him. What can I say? I was there in a flash, honoured and privileged to escort him along the way.
Anyway, we rode up Mt Keira on Friday…it was totally awesome to see Luke get all the way up this monster of a mountain on his recumbent pushy!

Ronnie, Kimbo and their son, Luke and grandad on the right.

I have never met a more determined and resilient person in my life and as above, it’s an honour and privilege to be alongside this inspiring young man as he endeavours to help others in a similar situation.
My life has change significantly since meeting Luke. Thanks heaps buddy…..

PS we were on WIN news on Friday and a total stranger donated $2,500 for the Brain Injury Unity at Liverpool Hospital….
Thanks so much…ur a legend and we would be delighted to meet u at some stage.

Go Lukey dude…ahhhhooooooo!

PS to make a donation in support of Luke’s ride to raise funds for the Brain Injury Unit at Liverpool Hospital please visit
Any contribution no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.

Cricket charity match raises $450

Hey hey everyone.
Just had a cricket match and we raised $450 for the foundation. That takes us to almost $30,000 raised so far. Still need to ride thru Tassie, but that will be in October this year. Can’t wait!
Below is the photograph and article of the cricket match fundraiser.

cricket 1

The North Nowra Cambewarra and Exservicemen’s Cricket Clubs.

Cricket for Kids with Cancer
Last Sunday at the Bernie Reagan Sporting Complex, current and former players from North Nowra Cambewarra and Ex-Servicemens cricket clubs, put the pads on once again for a One Day cricket match to raise much-needed funds for the Kids With Cancer Foundation (KWCF). Organiser, Greg Stephenson, is a former team mate of around-Australia charity cyclist, Mick Davey, and wanted Mick’s cricket club, North Nowra Cambewarra to play Ex-Servicemens Cricket Club, in order to raise money for the KWCF. Mick thought it was a brilliant idea and the two teams faced off in an over 35’s one day game. There were cricketers coming from a long time ago and places far, far away, with former Shoalhaven representative players Steve Muller, Syd Weller and Mark Pearce travelling from Canberra and Sydney.
Played under light cloud cover, the game started with Ex-Servo’s batting. Former first grade openers Gary Bridge and David Sloane got off to a flying start, but Mick Davey was brought into the attack and Slaoney was quickly back in the pavilion. North’s former first grade opening bowlers, Steve Muller and Nigel Rowan were sending down thunderbolts, but Gary Bridge withstood the barrage, eventually retiring on 35 n.o. This classy performance would eventually earn him Ex-Servo’s man of the match. Other batsmen to impress were Brian Kelly, 23, Mathew Brunton, 22 and Dean Trost with 20. The pick of the bowlers for North’s were Mark Butler (1/3) and captain Brett Mark (1/4). Ex-Servo’s total of 170 off 35 overs was a great effort and a highly competitive score.
Lunch was taken and later, North’s top 3 batsmen had hardly troubled the scorers. This brought Bob Ducie and Alan Muggleton together and it was suddenly like new year’s eve on Sydney Harbour – fireworks everywhere. Despite the speed and guile of bowlers Syd Weller and Craig Ellis, Bob Ducie and Muggo’s partnership of 50 saw the white ball going to all parts of the ground. Bob’s century was nipped in the bud when he was on 17, but Muggo went on to score 47 n.o. Talented all-rounder Mark Butler came in at the death and scored a brilliant 22 with every ball faced resulting in runs being scored. Pick of the bowlers for Ex-Servo’s were Craig Ellis (1/5) and Syd Weller (1/9). North’s man of the match went to Nigel Rowan, but Muggo was also a chance with 2 catches, a wicket and his stylish 47, which included 2 sixes. North’s finished their innings on 136, still 35 runs shy of their target. Ex-servo’s were too good on the day and handshakes all round let them know North’s appreciated their talent and great sportsmanship. Special mention must be made of Greg Stephenson who when bowling made the white kookaburra whizz, dip, skid, pop and go sideways, and with the bat showed his ambidextrous talents using both bat and box on numerous occasions to keep his stumps from being knocked over – well done, mate!
The highlight of the day was the generosity of all the players, their families and friends who raised $450, with all proceeds going to the Kids With Cancer Foundation.
When asked what he thought of the day and how much was raised, KWCF ambassador, Mick Davey said, ‘That’s brilliant! It’s great to see people playing sport so they can help children who are suffering from cancer. Thank you to everyone.’
North Nowra Cambewarra Cricket Club’s president, Greg Stephenson, is a planning a bigger and better day next year and has organised for the Bomaderry Cricket Club to join the fundraising charity matches. To make an online tax-deductible donation to the KWCF please go to and follow the links.